Naomi and Me Like Peas and Carrots



It’s over!!  The year plus of fumbling around with Naomi #6015 is done, praise Ra!!

We will make no mention of that whole deal where I thought I miscut the sleeves and went to my favorite fabric store and enlisted the staff with the task of finding more of a remnant fabric I purchased years prior only to return home to discover that I hadn’t miscut the sleeves, I had sewn the hems rather than the center backs together.  Things happen when you sew at 4 AM–NO JUDGEMENT!

We’re not going to talk about how the instructions to Naomi are like a cryptic riddle from the Greek sphinx.  Nope.  Who wants to talk about words that convey no meaning? Stupid.

And we won’t dare speak of the inside lining of Naomi.  Have you ever been invited to someone’s home for the first time and asked the host to see the junk drawer during the tour? Because it’s rude?  So then don’t ask about the inside of my Naomi!

We’re just going to enjoy the fact that it’s over.  No more underlining, no more bits of raveling fabric all over the carpet.  No more wringing my hands over possibly misinterpreting the instructions.  Just the peace that comes with success (read the delirium that comes from fusterclucking your own person to fatigue, whatever).

I was going to rewrite the instructions for anyone else who tried to sew this pattern, but I don’t even know what the intent was . . . well, specifically in regards to the tie placement . . . well, the facings too.  But it’s a lovely design.  I did bleed it out, but it was so worth it.

I noticed that the left front hangs a little lower than the right front but I think that’s because there should be another snap on the inside of the jacket because the fabric is heavy.  It’ll happen.

Here are some pictures from the construction.  The end.


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