DIY Waiting


Once upon a time, I ran into DIYcouture–I love running into previously unknown pattern/sewing/design companies–and fell in love with the Wrap Top, pictured (in a number of variations) above.  I had even decided what fabric and notions I would use when making this top, which is rare for me.

All was fair in the kingdom, except for the fact that the pattern/e-book for the Wrap Top was “coming soon”.  But I’m patient, so I waited for soon.  That was a year ago.

And let me say that I’m a huge fan of procrastination . . . HUGE.  Here’s a secret: this here is last night’s post in the NaNoWriMo effort.

However, I’m not a fan of procrastination when it gets in the way of my hopes and dreams.  I’m a hypocrite . . . like you’ve never seen one of those before.

What makes this waiting harder is the simplicity of the pattern.  If I applied myself, could I draft this myself?  Is the e-book worth the wait??

Also, this pattern is from their first collection.  They now have a second collection and a hard copy book for it.  Which . . . does this mean we’ve given up on the first collection’s e-book format or what?  Maybe change “coming soon” to “coming never” or “skip to side B” or “gone ’til November” (I got these all day).

Hopefully everyone’s okay over there.  I would feel really crummy if a life event of some sort was at the root of this.  Yeaaaaah, I’ll stop here just in case.

I’ll keep regularly checking their website for that e-book, waiting the seconds it takes for that webpage to load like a ticket holder waiting for a lottery drawing.  I can think of worse ways to pass my time.

“HTTP Error 404-File or Directory not found”.  Okay, I’m done.


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