Miscellaneous Monday: Full-fledged Hiatus

So, full disclosure, I haven’t started sewing yet.  I’ve thought about it . . . earnestly . . . but the timing was never right.  Seemed like I kept getting new Candy Crush lives or a nap was due.

I have visited fabric stores and thought about online notion purchases, so that’s something, right?  Also, what’s up with BurdaStyle lately?  It’s . . . different, and not good different.  Nevertheless, I’ve visited sewing sites too.

The most intriguing thing I found is IKEA’s online fabric department.  Now, I’m not sure if IKEA’s fabric is how I remember IKEA’s furniture, or how the quality of shoddy collegiate furniture translates to painted cotton fabric, but I am intrigued.

I wonder what a black paisley pattern on cotton looks like after a few washes, or what I would make with a fabric that looks like someone’s interpretation of paving stones.  And then, who are these Ulla Bella girls, and why do I want to follow them on Twitter?

When do you have too much furniture?  When your house is a blur of inanimate, legged things.  And, maybe I would have done better with Girl Scouts if the forests looked like this (they don’t look like that at all in real life).  And I’m not a huge fan of hearts, but these hearts are kinda all right.

I also started working on the pattern review for McCall’s 5989.  I would have submitted it today, but I had second thoughts about the photo I was going to upload.  Oh, perfectionists . . .


Miscellaneous Monday: Please Press Pause

I finished the Pink Lady two weeks ago and, honestly, I’ve been pretty content to just hang out in her. I haven’t even finished (read started) the pattern review. Somebody (read me) should get her sh*t together and get on that.

I do have thoughts about my next sewing project. I thought about making a See Kate Sew envelope clutch in leather.

But then I asked myself, have you sewn leather before? Do you have any idea what making leather goods is about? I had to answer in the negative.

Then I thought maybe I should make something simple. I need pants and Burda 2938 seems about as simple as a nice pair of trousers can get.


But then I thought about the fitting that would most likely be required and I folded . . . into the fetal position . . . whilst in my new robe.

[Sidebar: is there a limit on the amount of time a gal should spend in a robe? If there is, welcome to the jungle.]

Anyway, pants will happen within the next few months. I need that imaginary badge on my make-believe sash.

I’m assuming at some point I’ll start sewing again (I’m guessing in another week?) but for now I’m pooped. Keep givin’ ’em hell, allergy season!

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