Oh, Life!

It’s rough having a hobby that brings you joy while at the same time having to comply with the mundane demands of everyday life.  Fulfilling work obligations and other non-sewing responsibilities can be a drag.  And that, friends, is the story of the last month or so.

In regards to the Pattern Stash Contest . . . well . . . something has to be said for having goals, right?  There was Simplicity 2451, my journey into sexual ambiguity, which I have already documentedButterick 5354 was the only pattern out of the four that I completed and would make again.

I nearly finished McCall’s 6126.  I had to jury rig some things to make it work so I would decidedly not make it again.  I’m working on reviews of both patterns–you’ll see.

Simplicity 2614 got the short end of the stick as I never had a chance to touch it.  One fine day I will tackle the FBA that is surely to be a part of making that blouse.  But for now, I’ll just talk about sewing it the way some women talk about meeting the one.

I also found the time to make McCall’s 5563the week before last.  Mayhaps I’ll review that as well.  For now, I must away.  I have to find the wherewithal to fix my face to take on Monday.  The reviews will, eventually, come.


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