Miscellaneous Mondays: A Slew of Bodices Yet to Be Touched


All I can say is that at some point I’m going to iron these bodices and make muslins of them to see if the girls will abide in them.

What do we got there? Vogue 8787 and Vogue 1287? Yep, sounds about right.

I don’t want to ruin the ending, but I see them coming up off of my bedroom floor . . . Soonish.


Miscellaneous Monday: McCall’s 6319 Saves the World!

One time last year, I almost convinced me that it’s too hard to sew for myself.  I’m so not the standard shape.  My semi-custom dressform took seemingly endless hours to “customize” and it still isn’t a good representation–I digress.

It was at this point that I found McCall’s 6319.  When you nix the lining, it’s a dream. And I do nix the lining because no one lives like that! I wear knits to feel like I’m in pajamas.  You’re not going to undo that for me, McCall’s.  NEVER!


Anyway, if you sew this pattern without the lining, it’s magic.  And if you pick an awesome-to-the-touch knit to sew it in . . . Xanadu, friends.  And I’m not alone.  This is a particularly awesome pattern for curvy gals.

It’s out of print, which is sad.  But if you know what’s right, you’ll snatch it up before it becomes vintage on Ebay. By the way, KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT!


This is the first of many 6319’s to come . . . so many . . .

Miscellaneous Monday: Dumbing It Down with BurdaStyle

What a sneaky heifer you are, BurdaStyle! Right when I think you’ve done everything possible to push me away, you come up with the Honeymooners patterns.

I’m not even a honeymooner, and I surely wouldn’t wear a bikini top with a boucle jacket and a pair of cuffed shorts (wait, what?!).

But something about these patterns, and the pants below–I want them–makes me not want to break up with you so much. Maybe I looked too hard at Mr. Nautical Stripes’ nautical stripes. Mayhaps he knows juju.

And Clear Beads here ain’t too shabby either. I could have that skirt. It could be mine.

I even like the Beachside Beauty collection, particularly the dress below (though the collection name makes me want to vomit and burn a bra simultaneously a little).

Yet, having said all of that, I miss the fashion-forward patterns of old with all of their couture details. They inspired me and scared the angry cats out of me, but I loved them. I miss them.

That is to say, these patterns of late are not them. Maybe you recognized that many of your visitors are novice seamstresses like myself. Maybe you’re trying to engage us by beating us over the head with different iterations of the same relatively basic patterns. I don’t know, but I miss having something to aspire to.

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