Mute Material and Pipe Dreams

One of my most favorite fabrics is corduroy.  And of all the corduroy fabrics I own–and I own a lot of corduroy–the fabric above is the prettiest.  Also worth noting is the fact that I found this on a local remnant table, but I digress . . . The issue at hand is that I have no idea what to do with it.

I tend to believe that fabric speaks.  It tells me what to do with it, rather than the converse.  So I’m trying to figure out if this fabric is mute or if I’m deaf. Whatever the case, we’re not communicating.  I would love nothing more than to turn these yards into something, but I have no idea what. 

Here’s a closer, less unfocused look.

So what do you want to be, my lovely?  A jacket?  A skirt?  How can I display your beauty without making you gaudy or over-the-top?  “Skirt,” you say?  Sigh.

One day, one fine day, she’ll speak and I’ll listen.  Then I’ll make some masterpiece of a garment and walk out of the house wearing said work of art stunning and stupefying you all. Yeah . . . that’s exactly what I’ll do.


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