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DIYCouture Wrap Top

DIYcouture Wrap Top

Vogue 8926

Vogue 8926










Ladies, let me handle the introductions.  DIYcouture Wrap Top, let me introduce you to Vogue 8926, Vogue, DIYcouture.

Remember yesterday when I was all,  “where’s my Wrap Top e-book, Dc“?  Well, maybe let’s not get our undies in a bunch.  Maybe let’s look to Vogue 8926 instead.

These do look similar, don’t they?  At the very least, I could make Vogue 8926 and sate myself for the Wrap Top.  Although even if 8926 is a viable substitution, I’d still be invested in getting my hands on that e-book.

I won’t pretend to believe the quality of the patterns will be the same.  I’m well acquainted with the roll of the dice sewing a Big Four pattern is.  I generally have had more luck with McCall’s than any other.

Sewing Vogue patterns is like playing Russian Roulette.  Maybe I’ll be successful, maybe I’ll throw my sewing machine off the roof and declare independence from crappy pattern instructions.  No one knows.

But, on the other hand, I don’t know the quality of these DIYcouture e-books either. Risky either way.  However, it’s nice to know I have options.


DIY Waiting


Once upon a time, I ran into DIYcouture–I love running into previously unknown pattern/sewing/design companies–and fell in love with the Wrap Top, pictured (in a number of variations) above.  I had even decided what fabric and notions I would use when making this top, which is rare for me.

All was fair in the kingdom, except for the fact that the pattern/e-book for the Wrap Top was “coming soon”.  But I’m patient, so I waited for soon.  That was a year ago.

And let me say that I’m a huge fan of procrastination . . . HUGE.  Here’s a secret: this here is last night’s post in the NaNoWriMo effort.

However, I’m not a fan of procrastination when it gets in the way of my hopes and dreams.  I’m a hypocrite . . . like you’ve never seen one of those before.

What makes this waiting harder is the simplicity of the pattern.  If I applied myself, could I draft this myself?  Is the e-book worth the wait??

Also, this pattern is from their first collection.  They now have a second collection and a hard copy book for it.  Which . . . does this mean we’ve given up on the first collection’s e-book format or what?  Maybe change “coming soon” to “coming never” or “skip to side B” or “gone ’til November” (I got these all day).

Hopefully everyone’s okay over there.  I would feel really crummy if a life event of some sort was at the root of this.  Yeaaaaah, I’ll stop here just in case.

I’ll keep regularly checking their website for that e-book, waiting the seconds it takes for that webpage to load like a ticket holder waiting for a lottery drawing.  I can think of worse ways to pass my time.

“HTTP Error 404-File or Directory not found”.  Okay, I’m done.

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