I’ve had my ice cream, so I think I’m ready to talk about this now.  I give you McCall’s 6318.  A nice, easy pattern that is extremely well drafted.  So, you ask, what is the problem?  Other than this pattern being out of print (well, that’s more of a your problem deal), the problem is me.  I’m the problem.

I was so elated by how quickly the muslin for this dress came together that I rushed the construction of the actual dress.  And the rushing lead to this:

Awesome Muslin (right front)
WTF Version (left front)

How did I go from awesome to WTF?  Easy . . . EASY.  I mismarked or ignored the pattern markings and reinforced and clipped the wrong corner.  It’s a shame that I’ve tainted such a lovely pattern with my tomfoolery.  So now the remnant fabric I was going to use is going to be the lining and the lining fabric (a similarly colored broadcloth) will be the dress.  I’m not happy about this, but it is what it is. 

What makes matters worse is that I–for the first time–successfully completed a FBA.  How did I nail the hard part but screw up the easy part?  Hubris!  I flapped my wax wings too close to the sun, friends.  That’s all I have to say about this.


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