The Blasted Bloody List

It’s a shame that The Pattern Stash Contest is starting on such a sour note for me, but here we are, July 1.  So . . . I give you The Blasted, Bloody List:

1. Butterick 5354  2. McCall's 6126

3. Simplicity 2451     4.Simplicity 2614

This is an ambitious endeavor for me, a gal who can’t even consistently blog once a week, but whatevs. Shoot for the moon, right?  I’m going to start with Simplicity 2451 because I don’t feel like cutting knits right now (Butterick 5354 and McCall’s 6126 will be in jersey) and I’m not interested in doing a FBA (I’m looking at you Simplicity 2614).  Anyhoo, off to sew.


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