Bad things happen to diligent sewers. What makes this injury worse than others is that–well, other than not having any neosporin–once again, I was working on McCall’s 6318 in vain (and, no, this does not count towards the contest–whatevs).

It’s sad because I can see the potential in it.  I can tell that it’s the right pattern for my shape, but it always comes down to fit for me.  Although last time I screwed up on the sewing.  Then again, had I not, I’d probably have had a fit issue on my hands then too.

Regardless, I have successfully created an abomination.  Congratulate me!

The bust is too loose (who’d ‘ve thunk it) and the midsection is WAY too tight–laughably tight.  I do like the color though.  Unfortunately that won’t make up for the monstrosity that is the fit.

Look?  See!  Wrong.  That’s an invisible zipper, by the way.  Oh, you can see it? It’s not invisible?  Interesting.

My iron was so peeved that I involved him in this process that he repeatedly shut off automatically.  When I insisted he turn back on, he took his revenge.  I can’t blame him.

I’m going to give this pattern one last try after the contest, then I’m packing it up for The Sewing Machine Project.  You have to know when to say when.


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