That’s confidence with a period. Because that’s how I feel: confident, period. You need only scroll down to see that my last sewing project, my Naomi, was over a year in the making, and riddled with opportunities for failure.

So now that I’ve finished it, now that it’s wearable and I love it as much as I do, I’ve developed a little bit of a god complex. I haven’t tried walking on water (although I probably would if you double dog dared me–I’d drown), but I’ve done a few questionable things.

Exhibit A: Because I’m a kick a** sewer, I must be a kick a** kinda gal. So that means everything I do, I do awesome-like. This being the case, why shouldn’t I be an awesome beader? Yep, let’s bead! Let’s not just throw some rounds on a string, let’s bead up something intricate like . . . like this:


Let’s go to a bead store, buy up some bead stuff . . .


All of that looks good–bag it! And then we’ll uhhhhhh, we’ll figure it out . . . because we’re magic.

Exhibit B: I was looking through a pattern book I bought a while back, saw this dress, and fell in love. I decided I had to make it. The problem? I was looking through a Japanese pattern book . . . with instructions in Japanese, a language I know not.

DrapeDrapeVol.1No.3 DrapeDrapeVol.1No.3inst

Well, I did take Japanese in undergrad, ten years or so ago. And ummm, ichi ni san shi, right? Yeah, so BAM, let’s sew! Nevermind that I only remember that because of a Janet Jackson song. I remember it, and that has to count for something.

I probably shouldn’t have purchased Drape Drape ever, at all. It was inevitable that at some point I’d endeavor to tackle one of its projects. And now that I’ve got these thunderbolts coming out of my palms, all I can think about is domo arigato-ing me some Drape Drape No. 3.

Brought to you by confidence. Dangerously corruptive , futility bearing confidence.


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