Miscellaneous Monday: Hello, 2013!

Once again, I have crawled out of a hole to rejoin the land of the living. Mighty nice daylight you people have here. I may stay a while.

There are many reasons months have passed without me posting a thing. I could enumerate them all, but I’d rather sum it up by saying, “Hi, my name is Fair Lady and I’m a perfectionist.”

What do my perfectionist ways have to do with my absence? Well, let’s say you sew a dress and you want to post about it. If you’re a perfectionist, you have to fret about the right lighting for the pic, the right pose to display all the garment’s details, the weight you’ve gained since your last post, and the rug you’re standing on which needs to be vacuumed.

Next thing you know, you’ve worn the dress so many times you’ve almost forgotten you made it, and your blog is none the wiser. You couldn’t write a post about the dress if you wanted to now. That was two projects ago, and hell if you remember the fabric content of the material or why you passed on the lining. Those were details known by November You. November You is not much of a sharer. And April You doesn’t believe in looking back.

But it is April, and April is all about big ideas (see the Easter Pledge). So here’s my big idea for April 2013: Miscellaneous Monday. What is Miscellaneous Monday? A weekly post about whatever sewing-related thing I choose to write about, with a few provisions. The biggest one is that any pictures must be taken with my phone so there isn’t a chance of obsessing. Also, clearly the posts must be published on Monday. Other than that, I’m free as a bird.

Maybe this will lead me to posting more regularly? See how that last sentence was a question? I’m so certain this will be a success. Yes I am. Yes . . . I . . . am.


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